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PerfectPC Services Remote Desktop Support

PerfectPC Services uses a remote support tool that enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers over the web.

start remote support

Please “RUN” or “INSTALL” when prompted
The core of our support program is from “Techinline”

Using PerfectPC Instant Support we can perform operations on your remote computer and all you need is internet connection and a telephone. The connection process is as simple as possible. You simply download and run the PerfectPC Instant Support program which will generate a 6-digit ID. Then, this ID should be shared with the technician on the telephone. Once the technician has entered the given ID, the remote connection is made. Your PerfectPC Services technician can start working on your computer right away.

Here is what the program looks like when loaded
The Client ID will always be a random number to ensure security
The PerfectPC Services technician WILL NOT be able to access
your computer after closing the session.


Here is a step-by-step explanation of how our Instant Support works

1. A Phone Conference is established between a client and a PerfectPC Services Technician.


2. The client downloads the PerfectPC Instant Support program from the above link button.


3.  You give the 6 digit number to the PerfectPC Services technician.


4.  The PerfectPC Services technician enters the number and is able to access your computer for this session only.

 So what is the security of your Instant Support?

PerfectPC Services provides protection from any unauthorized access!

 Our technology guarantees protection from any unauthorized access or intrusion.

For identification we use a double RSA 512 bit key and a constantly changing key for every single connection which together impede the decryption of any intelligible data even in the case of data flow catch.

Images, commands and files which are passed between the technician and the user cannot be intercepted or altered by a third party during transmission across the internet, thanks for the 128 bit AES encryption.



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