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Website customers are considered Support Members.

We offer priority support to our current support members.  If you are interested in starting a support contract, please schedule a No Support phone conference and a representative will explain the details for you.

We prefer all clients to schedule an appointment to establish control of your and our valuable time.  You can see how busy we are by the appointments that are available.  If in doubt of what to do, please schedule an appointment first, rather than calling or emailing.  The exception is an emergency or computer outage.

If you just need to speak with us or set an on-site appointment,
choose the non-contract option and we will respond as quickly as possible.

At this time anyone that is hosting a website with us is considered an essential support member and can schedule as a support member.  Starting in 2011 we will transition all clients to a support plan and adjust our pricing to reflect this change.

Have an emergency? Call 1-800-775-3928 The Press 8 to submit a voice ticket
Mark your message as urgent by pressing 4 after your message!

Support Members usually receive a 4-6 business hour time window for response by calling a special VIP extension.  Anyone calling the emergency extension without prior approval will be charged appropriately.

No Support clients receive a 6-12 business hour time window on callbacks.

We are off work on Saturday & Sundays for personal & religious reasons.

After placing a call, please wait for us to call you back.  We will triage our incoming calls and current support members are responded to first.  We will call you back, we simply need to have time to squeeze you in between scheduled appointments.  Remember, our priority is support members that have emergencies.

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