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It’s easy to understand why many of the stores where we shop use video surveillance to monitor their stores, their employees, and to cut down on shoplifting. But how many of us have considered installing video surveillance in our own 
homes? For that matter, why would you even consider video security? Consider these situations:

  • You are a working mother and would like to see your baby’s smiling face from time to time during the day.
  • You are a travelling professional and you worry about your unattended home being burglarized. You’d like real-time alerts if anyone enters your home.
  • You entrust your pets to the care of a pet sitter. Real-time email alerts would give you the comfort of knowing that your pets are being taken care of in your absence.
  • You want to make sure that your kids have arrived home safely from school, and that they are doing their homework until you get home. An email alert from a camera monitoring your home’s front door lets you know that they have arrived.
  • You are a baby boomer who worries about aging parents, and though you can’t visit daily, you’d like to check in periodically to see how they are doing.

We have an entire website dedicated to our security division.

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