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The Perfect way
to protect all your files!

PerfectPC Backup allows you to be in total control of all your files and data – and back up an unlimited amount of data affordability. There’s no learning curve: we walk you through choosing the folders and files you want to protect, and to back up. The easy-to-use interface allows you to automate backups according to any schedule you want.

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1. Choose Your PCs
We first help you install PerfectPC Backup on the Source PC (the computer you want to back up files from), and then how to make sure your data is being backed up on the schedule you choose.

The installation is fast and easy, and takes about ten minute from start to finish. Your PC can be any Windows computer, and it only needs to be connected to the Internet: no configuration of firewalls and routers is required.

2. Create Backup Sets

Next, you will specify the files or folders that you want to back up. This is part of your Backup Set for this computer. You can create as many Backup Sets as you want for as many computers as you want.

For example, you may have one Backup Set titled, “My Pictures” that includes digital photos, and another Backup Set titled, “Bookkeeping” that includes financial documents. Or, you could simply group unrelated files and folders together in a comprehensive Backup Set titled, “My Backup.”

3. Backup Now, or Backup Later

Either send your Backup Set to the PerfectPC Storage PC now, or set a schedule that automatically sends your Backup Set to the PerfectPC Storage PC once a day, once a week, once a month – you decide how often, and when.

The PerfectPC Gateway automatically connects the Source and Storage PCs, no matter where they are in the world, and safely encrypts and transfers your Backup Sets.

4. Restore Data

In the event your Source PC data is lost (due to a flood, theft, hard drive crash, accidental deletion, etc.), you can easily restore your data.

You can choose to restore your files or contact your PerfectPC Services backup solution specialist to have them install it on a new Source PC if necessary. You then simply choose to Restore Files, and select the Backup Set(s) you would like to restore. With PerfectPC Backup, your data is safe – even when your computer is not!

We have a website setup to explain how PerfectPC Backup works and to give you a chance to see the software.

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