Mobile Websites


Mobilize your website.

Maximize your business.

Your website stays the same, we create a new site that fits the many mobile devices that browsers to your website use everyday.

Long gone are the days of making a website just look good on a desktop computer.  Now you must worry about the 80% of people that look for your website on a mobile device.

PerfectPC Services has the solution.  A separate mobile website just for mobile devices.  And even if we didn’t build your website, or don’t host your website, we can sill build you a mobile website.


We make it easy to have a Mobile Website!

1. We create a mobile website based on the design of your desktop website

  • Your desktop site stays the same while we create something completely new.
  • We search your social media pages, like Yelp and Facebook, to find the best elements to include in your mobile website.

2. We setup a demo area for you to preview your new mobile website

  • We work with you to  edit your site’s copy, images, backgrounds, and layout.
  • We have many mobile features, such as Click-To-Call and Mobile Maps, to add them to your new mobile website.
  • You will be able to see a comparison of the desktop & mobile sites.
  • You will be able to see the final result in a special preview area on your desktop computer before it goes live

3.  We go live with the mobile website

  • This will breathe life into your site and bring your business into the age of the smartphone.
  • Your mobile website will automatically sync up to your regular site.
  • You can check on your smartphone to make sure you can see your new mobile friendly site.
  • If we do not host your website, we will work with your current host to make sue the redirection works properly.

Here are some samples of mobile websites we have done:

ScreenShot192-161x300ScreenShot193-160x300ScreenShot194-160x300ScreenShot195-160x300ScreenShot196-160x300ScreenShot197-161x300More coming soon!

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