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    At PerfectPC Services we have highly-trained Certified Computer technicians standing by to help you with your computer problems. We can help with a range of computer problems; from simple start-up errors & device conflicts to blue screen errors & system freezing. Whatever your issue, avoid the headache and hassle of a broken PC with our great value fixed-fee computer repair service.
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PerfectPC Services is a technology company that can find ways to solve even the most unique tech needs for your business or home.  We howeverperfectpc_tech specialize in three main areas:  Windows Computer Repair & Maintenance, Website Design & Hosting, Technology Consulting & Training.

With our vast experience and education level in these three main areas, we can take on even the most unique project for your business or home.

So whether you need to pick out a new computer, repair an existing one, design a new website or update an old one, or just want to learn how to use your computer or a program better, that’s what makes us the Perfect company to choose.

And since 98% of all our new business comes from referrals, we offer a rewards program just for telling your friends, business acquaintances, and family about our services.

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PerfectPC Services has a very unique approach to computer repair.  We believe that you should be able to get your computer repaired affordably, reliably, and fixed perfect the first time.

We offer 3 main types of computer repair:

  1. Residential or business Pick-up & Drop-off Repair – $129 Flat fee for each repair (30 mile Radius)

  2. On-site repair – $90 p/hr for service labor time (33% discount if on our Unlimited Support Plan)

  3. Remote Internet Repair – $69 maximum labor charge per repair

We schedule every repair.  This means when you are scheduled, we will have it done virtually the same day. We do not charge ANYTHING if we cannot make the repair.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We have a 10 day warranty on all service. Imagine calling today and getting your computer repaired the same day!

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For those who haven’t developed a website for their business yet, now is a great time to start. Local competitors may already have one. Remember, it’s now much easier for any business to tap into almost any market, from any geographical location.Marketing on the Internet is not really a choice  anymore, but has become a necessity in today’s marketplace. No company  can afford to ignore the fact that online marketing is now a  multi-billion-dollar business. Those businesses without an online presence are  missing out on a goldmine of potential customers. Like anything, there are exceptions to the rule and  marketing on the Internet may not suit absolutely every business. However,  claiming to be the exception is often a disguise for making excuses.

Reality is; that some businesses fail to appreciate the  revenue potential of Internet marketing. Others simply fear change, or put  Internet marketing in the too hard basket and hope that it will go away.  Unfortunately for them, Internet marketing is growing every day. There will come  a time when they will lose business, simply because they lack an Internet  presence. For many businesses, that day has already arrived.

PerfectPC Webs is proud to now offer several packages for web site design.  Most of our websites can now be edited by you the client. We have seen a huge growth in the web  site area in just the past few years.  This is due mostly to the low cost  of web domain names, and the great management and hosting packages we offer. You will be happy to know that it doesn’t cost $1000-$5000 to have a web page for your business or personal use!  PerfectPC Webs is committed to  bringing you affordable services. Our web designs are not the fancy, slow loading designs  you see everywhere.  We specialize in helping you choose the right look for  your web site with 24 hour turn around on most changes.

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We are the preferred company in East Central Indiana for technology consulting.  Not only do we offer the most unique solutions for your small business, but we back it up with over 20 years of computer experience.

We know we can solve every technology need you have in the most professional manner.  We specialize in personalized consulting, which means we do not rush you into making a decision.  We simply work with you towards solving your solutions effectively.

With the Internet rising to being the most important connection for any small business, we can show you how to use the Internet to your advantage.  Whether its to save money by switching your phone service to Voice-Over-Internet, making sure your files are backed up securely and comply with HIPPA regulations, to helping you instantly with over the Internet computer support, we do it all quickly, and efficiently.